Portugal has one of the best cultures, breath taking sites and arts that can blow you off. Its capital Lisbon, is the second oldest European capital after Athens. Its history dates backs to 1139 and over the centuries it has had one of the most vibrant cultures in the whole of Europe. There are so many fascinating things in Portugal that can’t be detailed in a single book and that you will have to find out on your own. However, here are 5 things that you should know about Portugal;

Largest underwater park

Portugal is home to the largest underwater park in the whole world known as Ocean Revival underwater park that is situated off the Algarve coast. The reef is made up of four decommissioned navy ships that were sunk to offer a base structure. If you would like to go diving, then this is the best place to be as it is home to an evolving ecosystem.

Famous pastry

One of the world’s best pastry is made right here in Portugal. The Pastéis de nata is credited to the 16th century monks who first made it in order to generate some extra revenue from its sale to the travellers outside the monasteries. During that time, egg white were used in monasteries to starch clothes and the remnant egg yolk was starting to become a waste. Some monasteries decided to start using the leftover egg yolk in baking cakes and pastries and thus the evolution of Pastéis de nata.

Porto wine

If you are a wine lover then you probably will love to taste Porto wine. However, not so many people know about the origins of the wine. During the 18th century when the English were at war with France, the English turned to Portugal to supply them with wine. There are many theories that exist as to why the wine was fortified with brandy with some claiming that sailors did so in order to avoid spillage and others arguing that the importers did so with the intent of appealing to the English palates. However, what everyone agrees to is that Porto wine is a must drink whenever you are in Portugal.

Oldest bookshop

If you are interested in archaic sites then you will definitely love to pass by the oldest bookshop in the world, Bertrand in Lisbon. It has been in operation since 1732 and survived the 1755 massive earthquake that hit Portugal and other subsequent economic crises.

Oldest alliance in the world

England and Portugal have the oldest alliance in the world. It was ratified in 1373 and solidified in 1386. Portugal and England have entered wars since then on the account of the other and the mutual alliance is still going strong up to today.

This list definitely gives you a whole view of Portugal’s culture, traditions and record breaking destinations that any tourist ought to know.

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