There’s not really much to know about me. I have the belief that you should truly live and experience while you have the time. Some may call me a wanderer, and may be to a certain extent I am. I love art, the way you can express yourself in your work. Many people think that art is rubbish or some works are just an excuse for publicity and faff, but I believe that when you create something, you put something of yourself into it.

I was never a great student in school, and I started working part time in an art store part time to save up on funds. I wanted to travel the world, and that is exactly what I did. I had to travel on a shoe string budget but I managed it quite well. One of my favorite destinations was Portugal. More than people or the cuisine or the beaches – places and things which fascinate other travelers – I was more into discovering the street scene.

I recently came to know that it is an attraction for many people and is known as Street Art Tourism. Hey, I guess I was part of something and I didn’t know. There is some street artists’ work which I had seen on the internet and appreciated it, and I did want to see if they looked as great in real life as in the pictures, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

busker-1180843_1920One artist’s work I was particularly keen to see was Odeith. It’s just amazing – how something so awesome can be created in such a common everyday place. Maybe that’s the charm – To turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. His work just seems to jump out at you, and seems to be a 3D work of art when in reality it’s just created on wall surfaces.

It took a bit of time to assimilate the detailing; you have to look at it from a particular point of view to truly grasp the incredible work. You can learn so much from artists like that. I did take a few pictures of his work – It would have been so awesome to meet up with him, but that’s just daylight dreaming huh.

That’s what I like about Portugal. So many countries have a strict no tolerance against graffiti and street art, but it takes someone with vision to see that it could be much more than that. I do agree that if it is just vandalism a place could look horrible. But this country promotes its artists like Odeith and others, and that’s why the art scene is flourishing.

Of course, while I was there I had already made some contacts with the underground art scene, and out of all my trips to various countries, I feel this was the most productive. I did carry my sketch book, pencils and a few art supplies – because a country with such a rich background in art and architecture can only inspire. Some of my best art works were inspired from this country – and once I save up enough, I’m headed back there.