With any art exhibition, wine and cheese are always present – to toast to the success of the artworks on display, to toast the talent and of course, to appreciate the good things in life. Portugal has a rich background in wine making – especially port wine. Porto, Portugal’s second largest city and the home to many port vineyards and wineries is the destination for port wine lovers. When you visit Porto, you are not only treated to sampling great wine, but you will also be treated to beautiful landscapes that will be the perfect setting for a glass of port wine. Here are the best places for Port wine tastings where you get to experience and taste some of the best port wines in the world.

  • Caves Croft: This is located a short distance from the waterfront in Gaia and is open for wine tastings thorough out the entire year which is good news for port wine enthusiasts. This cellar offers one of the most traditional and genuine tours to the world of port wine and you will get to experience other activities like blind tastings and chocolate pairing. What’s not to love?
  • caves_offleyCaves Offley: Here you will get to know the entertaining story of the Barron of Forrester and its role in the industry of Port wine. Situated near the waterfront in Vila Nova de Gaia, you will be able treated to port wine tastings in this guided tour. For connoisseurs, there is a special tour that is more intimate and will have more wines for tasting.
  • Caves Ferreira: Learn about the history of Port wine and the region of Douro where you are taken back to the origins of this Portuguese tradition. Discover the iconic figures who shaped the world of port wine as we know it today – Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira. You will be treated to some of the best Douro wines with a visit to the Old Bar, a tasting room that dates back to the 19th
  • Caves Sandeman: Situated in a granite building built in 1811 that overlooks the river, you will learn more about Sandeman’s wine tradition and educate yourself on the ageing process of port wine. Grab the opportunity to taste Ruby and Tawny wines in the contemporary room or make yourself in a private room where you can admire the antique bottle collection.
  • 770_1Real Companhia Velha: This wine tasting tour is very different from the others in Porto. The tour starts off with a video that introduces you to the process of Port wine making, and an insight into the century old cellar and it ends with the tour leading you to the main ageing warehouse and the ‘Vintage’ Museum where you will be able to see the antique wines through the years. Complete your tour with port wine tastings.
  • Espaço Porto Cruz: this tour offers the visitor much more than the traditional wine tastings. Set in creative setting, you are surrounded with artistic creations in the areas of fashion, food and art. There is something to excite all the senses with the visitor being taken to chocolate workshops, the multimedia centre and experience wine and chocolate tastings. This definitely takes port wine tasting to another level.
  • NOTR_room_westendChurchill’s: A Port Wine Cellar of class and elegance, the visitor will be exposed to information about the Douro region and also the heritage and history of Churchill’s. There are custom-made tastings for visitors in the Tasting Room, which overlooks the Rio Doro. Located in the Vila Nova de Gaia, this is one wine cellar you don’t want to miss out on.
There’s not really much to know about me. I have the belief that you should truly live and experience while you have the time. Some may call me a wanderer, and may be to a certain extent I am. I love art, the way you can express yourself in your work. Many people think that art is rubbish or some works are just an excuse for publicity and faff, but I believe that when you create something, you put something of yourself into it.

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