Portugal is famous for quite a lot of things which include; its beaches, football (Cristiano Ronaldo) and fine wine (not forgetting the delicacies). However anyone can be lost for choice in deciding what place you want to go to while in the country. Everywhere seems like a destination. Here’s is conclusive list of some of the best places you should go to while in Portugal and why you should visit them.


Enter Sintra and you feel like you are in a fairy tale. The place is characterized by many castles, each with its own unique architecture representing a part of the city’s long history. Its cool climate as compared to other areas in Portugal made the elite in Portugal to construct their extravagant houses and palaces in this area. It is also home to quite a number of historical monuments and pieces that will show a different side of Portugal. You can get to go to places like; the Palácio de Pena and Palácio de Monserrate among others.


Almost every place in Portugal has some historical inclination to it and Guimarães is not an exception. The role played in this city is immense in Portuguese culture as it was there that the first king of Portugal , Afonso Henriques won the battle against his mother and went on to form Portugal. The castle from where the battle was fought is still in existence and it serves as a museum and a palace at the same time.


If you are looking at sampling some of the rich history that Portugal has to offer, then Evora is the place for you. It has been in existence for over 2000 years. You will get to find old ruins of the medieval times as well as churches and city walls that were built centuries ago. In as much as it is a small town, it has one of the largest universities in the area hence a vibrant nature made possible by the students. Its beauty and culture have led to it being classified by UNESCO as a heritage site and a special category made just for it (cultural landscape).


This is one of those places that is hidden due to its size. However, it is a popular holiday destination for the Portuguese people. Most of these visits are usually made in spring by the Portuguese because of a month long chocolate holiday festival that is held in the area yearly. It is also a picturesque town with cobbled up streets and houses painted in a traditional manner while the whole city is separated by a wall.

Apart from Lisbon and Porto (that should already be on your list of places to visit), the above 4 places are very ideal to be visited and they have rich and enticing sites that will make you want to stay for a longer time and enjoy the place. You will also get to find some interesting bits of historical information that will tell you a thing or two about Portuguese culture.

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