Paintings and other canvas related works of art are the popular medium of expressing the art movement. But there are artists who have taken the art world by storm with their contemporary art pieces and sculptures. Forgot about the conventional paintbrush and paints, these artist have used anything from pink ostrich feathers to billowing layers of fabric to led lights – everything is a form of expression and the following works of art have definitely caught the eye of many galleries and art collectors worldwide.

  • Schermafbeelding-2014-03-23-om-21.37.38Lilicoptère: Conceived for her exhibition in Versailles, Joana Vasconcelos used pink ostrich feathers to decorate a helicopter frame with crystals as added Decoratives. Vasconcelos definitely gave a new meaning to flight. If you’re wondering why she chose Ostrich feathers – it is because they were Marie Antoinette’s favorite.
  • A Remote Whisper: The brainchild of Pedro Cabrita Reis, this art installation is more like a drawing in space which combines the use of cables, neon lighting and aluminum tubes. Reminiscent of an almost architectural construction, ‘A remote whisper’ integrates fragments of previous discarded work in an attempt to embody of the process of creating rather than the final product itself.
  • thumbMy Servant: Conceptualized by Vasco Araújo, this art installation features a variety of suit collars in a box which is overlaid with a note written by an imaginary master about his servant. This powerful but simple image evokes thoughts about powers and patriarchy – a concept that was very prevalent in earlier years of the last century.
  • Find yourself in chaos: An eye catching and modern piece of art created by Akacorleone, this artwork comprised of various objects and it can be perceived differently depending upon your point of view. Inspired by the urban lifestyle and consumerism, this installation has many everyday and common objects camouflaged in blue with the text overlaid over the objects.
  • Botany: Another art installation by Vasco Araújo showcases a series of photographs of various plant lives which are laid out on a table. Also laid out on the table is a series of colonial-era photographs depicting Africans from that era that raises thoughts and questioning associations of the forest, jungle life and the idea of exotic-ism.
  • cabrita_003aThe Moscow Piece: By Pedro Cabrita Reis, this piece is also like a construction site that was interrupted somewhere down the line. Using hanging loose wires, paint that has been carelessly applied and a neon light are his materials for this piece of art. He takes the installation to the other extreme in trying to deceive the viewer into thinking they have entered a construction site instead of viewing a work of art.
  • War Games: Created in 2011, Joana Vasconcelos tries to bring together a contrast of two different worlds. A 1960s black Morris Oxford’s interiors are filled with soft cuddly toys in an attempt to depict children. The exterior of the car is covered with toy rifles that face the rear of the vehicle and strips of red LEDs switch on and off to indicate speed. This black, negative exterior is reminiscent of war and represents the futile destiny of nightmares and dreams, darkness and night, destruction and creation.
  • files-fichier_345-2397-mrm-pavillon-thePavillon de Thé: Constructed and formed out of wrought iron by Joana Vasconcelos, this enormous structure is shaped in the form of a tea pot and is covered with jasmine plants. There is a smart play of form and usage of materials with this sculpture – with the patterns on the tea pot symbolizing the many railings and balustrades found in urban cityscapes. The delicate form and design of the teapot is belayed by the sheer size of it and the jasmine plants play a role of reminding the viewer of the usage of jasmine in scenting green tea.
There’s not really much to know about me. I have the belief that you should truly live and experience while you have the time. Some may call me a wanderer, and may be to a certain extent I am. I love art, the way you can express yourself in your work. Many people think that art is rubbish or some works are just an excuse for publicity and faff, but I believe that when you create something, you put something of yourself into it.

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