Portugal is a beautiful country with a rich heritage with most of its architecture dating back to the 1500 – 1800 when it was a major maritime empire whose reach extended all over the globe. It is a beautiful country to visit, especially since it is well known for its many tourist spots that beckon to people from various countries to sample its beautiful weather, experience its rich arts and cultural heritage and much more. If you are planning a trip to Portugal this spring or summer, here are a few places that you should definitely not miss out on.

  • Lisbon19166Lisbon: The capital of Portugal and the country’s tourist hot spot, this global city is the seventh most visited city in Southern Europe. Lisbon also happens to be one of the oldest cities in the world, being older than Rome or London – so you know that you’re in for a cultural treat when you visit this city. Visitors will be charmed by Gothic Cathedrals, the warm weather, enchanting neighborhoods, spectacular bridges and much more. One should definitely not miss out on visiting Alfama, the old Moorish quarter that is the city’s oldest district.
  • 595069_638_365Algarve: There are many reasons that Algarve is one of the best places to visit in Portugal which range from its pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and rich heritage and of course – it’s affordable budgets. Located in the southern part of Portugal, Algarve has dramatic cliffs that dot the coasts with many resorts built up to entice tourists to stay and experience the beautiful landscape. Nearby tourist spots are Faro – the region’s capital, Lagos for the nightlife, Silves for its red sandstone castle and Tavira for its Renaissance architecture.
  • Obidos: If you’re looking for a relaxed holiday this summer, head to Obidos which is located in the coast of Western Portugal. Complete with a fortified wall, medieval castle and a maze of cobbled streets, Obidos is a main attraction for many tourists. Quaint white washed houses line the streets graced with colorful flowers, inviting cafes entice you to sit down for a cup of coffee or two while watching the world pass you by. If you’re looking to stay in luxury, you could head to the castle which is not only a great tourist spot – but also a luxurious hotel.
  • maxresdefaultSintra: Just a day away from the capital city, this lovely retreat is located on the foothills of the Sintra mountains. It has the perfect fairy tale setting complete with castles, palaces, quaint villas, rolling hills, forested parklands and more. If you’re looking to feel like royalty on vacation, this is the place to head to.
  • Madeira: The oasis between Portugal and North Africa, this place is known for the Orchid Garden and the Laurissilva Forest which has the world’s largest concentration of laurel. You can be enthralled with spectacular ocean view sunsets, historic churches, restaurants to whip up meals to whet your appetite and much more.
  • Porto-1-7Porto: Famous the world over for its wine, Porto is a charming city that overlooks the Douro River. You should visit the Ribeira which is a pedestrian zone complete with restaurants, cafes, street vendors and live music entertainment. The Ponte Dom Luis Bridge connects Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia which is famous for its wine cellars.
  • Evora: It may be small in size, but this city attracts tourists by the thousands. It has a history that can be traced back to more than 2,000 years and this was once a flourishing city when under the influence of the Roman Empire. It has a well preserved Old Town which contains over 4,000 historic structures. Another tourist hot spot is the Cathedral of Evora whose Gothic architecture and structure dates back to the 13th
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