Portugal has some of the best cultures and arts in the Europe. Its culture has over the years been embedded in its artistry and it is therefore had to distinguish between the two when looking at Portuguese culture. However what everyone is in agreement with is the fact that the artistic side of Portugal is a sight to behold. Portugal’s art is usually displayed during the summers when everyone comes out to enjoy the many festivals that are during this time. Just as famous as the art pieces displayed, are the artists themselves who came up them. Here are some of the most famous artists to hail from Portugal;

 Josefa de Obidos

Born in 1630 in Seville Spain, her father brought her to Portugal which was his original birth home. Her father was a painter as well and soon Josefa joined him in painting. Her work started becoming popular mostly as a result of her having added onto it a distinctive feminine touch which was quite different from the other artists at the time. One of her most famous paintings was the Faustino das Neves which is currently being held in the Municipal Museum of Obidos. She died in 1684.

Júlio Pomar

Júlio Pomar was born in Lisbon in the year 1926 and has been a widely acclaimed artist in the painting world from the 1940’s. His work is not only known within Portugal but n very many different countries around the world where he exhibited in and won awards. He currently resides which he made his permanent home in order for him to be closer to any new developments that hit the art world.

Paula Rego

Once mentioned as among the four best living painters in England, Paula Rego has continued to fly Portugal’s flag high as one of its best female painters. She was born in 1935 in Lisbon and went to London to study art where he met her husband in the process. She later on made it her permanent home but has been going back to Portugal often making her famous as well in her home country.

Viera da Silva

She was born in Lisbon in 1908 and started he studies in painting whilst still in the city. However, she relocated to Paris to join other art schools with the hopes and ambitions of making it big there. She later on married the famous painter Arpad Szénes in 1926. Her first exhibition was in 1933 in Paris. However as a consequence of having done so, she forfeited her Portuguese nationality at that point. Over the years she moved from Paris to Brazil and back to Paris. After the 1974 revolution in Portugal she was welcomed home and granted a citizenship. She is to date known as one of the best painters with both hers and her husband’s work showcased in Szénes-Vieira da Silva Foundation building.

These painters are some of the most revolutionary people in Portugal and their works have brought wide acclaim to Portugal with regards to the artistic talent present in its people.

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